Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's Mystery

#1 - I didn't have glasses the last time I renewed my driver's license, and now I mostly wear them while on the computer, not all the time.  Anyway, I brought them with today in case they were needed, but I passed the eye exam without them.

#2 - My county charges extra if you pay with a credit card (and they don't take Visa, because Visa won't let you do that.)  This might make a few people think about the fact that every time you use a card you are giving money to the credit card companies (and taking a little away from the business where you use it.)

#3 - Sometimes I just want to hide away and "not deal with people" but then other times I find interacting with people to be the most rewarding thing there is.  An ever present dichotomy I was reminded of today after a fulfilling work interaction that made time fly by.

#4 - Listening and harmonizing with some of Jason Mraz's new songs on YouTube while on the computer (Outta Yours Hands and My Best Friend.)  Feels like a warm nurturing blanket.

#5 - There is a mystery of the recipient that I cannot figure out.  I started writing a letter a few days ago, pages later I put it in the mail today.  I had no idea it was going to be that long and though it does not directly relate to the friend I am sending it to, her energy had something to do with it.  Meaning if I were just writing in my journal, or even writing to anyone else, I know the letter would not have come out the way it did.  Similarly, today I have a few questions to answer someone and I find my mind mentally composing a long response.  But I know part of the reason the response is long is based on the person asking it, meaning I could be answering the same question from a different person and have much less to say on the matter.  How does this work?  Thoughts anyone?

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  1. To #5: my idea:
    I think it depends both on the person you speak/write to and on you.
    The most simple example: if you talk to a child, you will explain it differently than to an adult.
    When you tell something, you want to be understood the fullest possible. So I think that while speaking, even unconsciously, you assess: what kind of words to use, how to phrase things, what past experiences with this person taught you, what you know about his background, ... You know if this person is already into or open to the topic, if you can dive deeper into it or if you'd better keep it simple because he's new to it or not very convinced. Whether the person shows signs of interest or makes you feel you'd better keep it short, ...

    And it depends on you: the degree of confidence you have with this person, your function (do you need to teach something, is it for business or with friends?), whether you want this person to know your own personal opinion on the subject or not, whether you have a good day or whether you don't really feel like talking, whether you are relaxed or are in a hurry ...

    I think unconsciously a lot of factors play and a lot of different things determine how and how much we communicate.

    Really rather amazing if you think about it.
    Because this only says HOW you bring the message, you haven't even started thinking about WHAT you're going to say/write....