Sunday, July 30, 2017

Log Rolling

#1- Playing frisbee golf with four people I care about, three of whom never met each other before, it was a good casual introduction.

#2 - We all were signed up for log rolling at a local lake.  Four of us did it last year, but it was a new activity for my cousin.  She was concerned about getting hurt when falling off the (fake) log.  I told her she could watch as long as she wanted, but I suspected she'd see that the falls were easy ones.  The kids did great, definitely built on what they'd learned last year.  I don't think any of us are going to become log rolling aficinoados, but it was great to spend a day outdoors together.

#3 - The woman leading the log rolling activity recognized me enthusiastically from when I used to volunteer for the park district.  Maybe this is why, near the end of log rolling, I kind of took charge when some kids were getting too close to the log.  It seemed the assistant or other volunteer, I'm not sure which, was either tired or just not very directive.

#4 - I woke up next to my niece, since other members of the household were still sleeping I asked her if she wanted to read for a while.  She enthusiastically said, "Yes."  We read Shel Silverstein's Lafadio, which she thoroughly enjoys and I was happy to have the time to read it in entirety for once.

#5 - I knew when we got back from log rolling that it would be dinnertime.  Yesterday I made a big pot of soup that I knew the girls liked, as well as a cucumber and pepper salad from my surplus vegetables.  It was so nice to be hungry and have all that ready to go.  Plus we arrived just in time to meet my brother, so my cousin was able to join him and his family to go out to dinner.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

To Market, To Market

#1 - If you can't fall asleep I'd like to offer a suggestion.  This suggestion requires 20 minutes.  I often don't follow this suggestion because I think, "I don't want to be up for another 20 minutes," but after an hour and a half last night, I turned on the light and did a mandala.  Here is what you do - make a big circle, doodle for 20 minutes, then give it a title.

Then turn off the light and see if you can sleep, as I said it took me an hour and a half last night to implement this policy, and I've only tried it for this purpose a few times, but it has never failed.

#2 - Another beautiful day at the farmer's market.  It seems our vendor numbers are a bit down this year, which isn't good, but the benefit is that it hasn't been stressful trying to fit everyone in.  So far, we've always easily had space, which is something that at times can be hard.

#3 - Today I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker whom I've never really clicked with.  It began with me asking how she ended up at the church she goes to.  It was refreshing to connect with her.

#4 - Some guy gave me a $5 token for the market a couple weeks back.  I wasn't sure if he was hitting on me or what and I was a little uncomfortable taking it.   I tried not to, but I still had it so today I used it to buy a strawberry popsicle.

#5 -  I forgot to grab a hair restraint this morning.  I almost always have a hair restraint on hand, and when it started to get hot and humid...I realized I could still put my baseball cap on and stick my hair through the hole on the back.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Water Fight

#1 - The completely unexpected and vibrant burst of laughter that erupted from my father based on the look my niece gave when she pulled the Old Maid from my cards.  I was not in a good space, but my father laughs so rarely that the sheer joy of it pulled me back into myself.

#2 - My niece and I had a water fight in the backyard.  It was super fun and my new practical swim top and shorts  were perfect for the activity.  She had the hose and I scooped buckets out of a little pool.  That open abandon was such a gift - I haven't had a water fight in years/decades.

#3 - Then I got to have some alone time talking with my sister in law about Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy - a book I was reading on recommendation from my couples counselor.  I was telling her about the Four Horseman which John Gottman found he could use to predict which marriages would succeed or fail.  The four Horsemen are:  Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling.

#4 - Seeing how I was withdrawing (stonewalling) last night and how this led to a downward spiral and coming up with an idea to try in the future.  I don't think I can or should talk when I'm in that space.  But it may help if conversation ceases and I was simply touched.

#5 - I received a phone call from a guy tonight who was open and receptive to that previous idea.  And the love that was missing from his voice when we parted last night, had returned.