Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Legislation Station

#1 –Each day I google to see if they’ve scheduled a gay marriage vote for the MN house. I was told when volunteering that it could be any day and if they wait too long it will be unlikely because it gets too close to the end of the session and it means it doesn’t look like they will have enough votes. Meaning, they aren’t going to bring the bill to a vote unless they think it will pass.

So each day I check and no news – so not enough votes. Until today. Today I searched and it said the vote is scheduled for Thursday

and I burst into tears.

#2 – I don’t know where that emotion came from, but it just kept coming. And I went back to working and then I looked up another article on it a little later and I cried again.

#3 – And then while I was making dinner I watched the live coverage of the MN house and they were talking about the Clean Energy Omnibus Bill – another beautiful positive piece of legislation.

#4 – Melissa Hortman is the sponsor of the bill. I wasn’t familiar with her, but I was so impressed listening to her answer questions, and it passed the house!

If you live in MN and would like to help this awesome legislation, you can call your senator by finding their # here. That vote is coming up soon.


Just leave a message saying your name and address and that you’d like their support for the Clean Energy Omnibus Bill.

#5 - At some point I no longer enjoyed jogging and for the most part stopped. When I am in a new location I can get myself to go, but otherwise I am just bored with it. Last May I was wishing I got more aerobic exercise. I wanted to get my heart rate up, and running is such a simple way to do that, but I just had no motivation. If I could only find someone to run with me… Don’t I know anyone? I had a friend or two who runs, but they didn’t live close enough to think we could go regularly. Eventually I came upon my only real possibility a friend that lives 4 miles away. I’d known her for over 20 years and we had never gone jogging together (at least to my recollection, maybe she’ll remember differently). Anyway, she did exercise, but I didn’t think she ran, so I doubted she want to go weekly, but I sent an email. It was worth a shot.

She said, “Yes!” So last year – Memorial Day to Mid-October we jogged together once a week. Despite this, I was highly uncertain she would agree to continue this year.

Tonight we began again. And I have to say my primary gratitude from this activity is not the aerobic exercise, nor the time outside. My primary gratitude is spending a little time each week

talking to my friend.

So she already heard about gratitudes 1-4, now I'll send her this one.

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