Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pep Talk from Kid President

#1 - I went to a Moth StorySlam event last night (open mic storytelling) and got to bed later than usual. I wasn't sure I would get up for my Thursday early morning yoga class today. I set my alarm, but I gave myself permission not to go, or rather, this morning I didn't try to convince myself to go, I just went.

#2 - I gave the studio owner the research I did on purchasing alternative energy through the regular power company - like an exchange. It doesn't mean our power would actually come from wind power, but they would put that money into increasing the wind power capacity. When she asked me if I would do eco-research for her instead of my cleaning work exchange, I was hesitant. Mostly because I get tired after cleaning for 2 1/2 hours, so I clearly need the exercise, and this would mean sitting in front of a computer instead. However, now I am grateful to have learned about this, and looking forward to what I will learn next.

#3 - Feeling inundated and exasperated while looking at a wedding gift registry, not because there was anything unusual about it - it just so much stuff. So many of us just have so much STUFF. I called a friend and she didn't tell me I was being ridiculous.

#4 - I heard an interview with the head (I think) of Chicago's Ceasefire program on The Story. I have such respect for that program and the people in it. I watched a film about the program last year which I recommend.

# 5 -

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's Mystery

#1 - I didn't have glasses the last time I renewed my driver's license, and now I mostly wear them while on the computer, not all the time.  Anyway, I brought them with today in case they were needed, but I passed the eye exam without them.

#2 - My county charges extra if you pay with a credit card (and they don't take Visa, because Visa won't let you do that.)  This might make a few people think about the fact that every time you use a card you are giving money to the credit card companies (and taking a little away from the business where you use it.)

#3 - Sometimes I just want to hide away and "not deal with people" but then other times I find interacting with people to be the most rewarding thing there is.  An ever present dichotomy I was reminded of today after a fulfilling work interaction that made time fly by.

#4 - Listening and harmonizing with some of Jason Mraz's new songs on YouTube while on the computer (Outta Yours Hands and My Best Friend.)  Feels like a warm nurturing blanket.

#5 - There is a mystery of the recipient that I cannot figure out.  I started writing a letter a few days ago, pages later I put it in the mail today.  I had no idea it was going to be that long and though it does not directly relate to the friend I am sending it to, her energy had something to do with it.  Meaning if I were just writing in my journal, or even writing to anyone else, I know the letter would not have come out the way it did.  Similarly, today I have a few questions to answer someone and I find my mind mentally composing a long response.  But I know part of the reason the response is long is based on the person asking it, meaning I could be answering the same question from a different person and have much less to say on the matter.  How does this work?  Thoughts anyone?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Serious Daring

I've been feeling a bit down the last few days, maybe because I came home from a nourishing visit with a friend, maybe because I applied for a job I was excited about and well qualified for and it looks like I won't hear anything back, maybe... Here are a few simple things today that penetrated through this -

#1 - Walking/jogging to the thrift store. Just that little time outdoors moving was helpful.

#2 - Buying a schmancy orange dress that I will probably never wear and therefore didn't make sense to buy, but it made me smile.  (It was $3).

#3 - Writing the word 'schmancy' for the first time.

#4 - My niece's dance move with her left arm, no shoulder, just arm.

#5 -

"I am a writer who came of a sheltered life, a sheltered life can be a daring life as well, for all serious daring comes from within."

Eudora Welty