Thursday, October 16, 2014

Move Me Slow

Yesterday after a genetic counseling appointment I planned to walk along the Mississippi river. But after the appointment, I felt vulnerable and just wanted to go straight home (even though everything was completely fine).

I’m taking a vulnerability writing class once a month, and one of the things the instructor asked us to do is keep a “vulnerability” journal - to write down when we feel vulnerable and what we do with that feeling.  Yesterday what I wanted to do is go straight home and/or seek comfort from someone who cares about me.  But it was a beautiful day and I had this walk plan. and I had my camera with the intention of taking a leisurely, not exercise, walk.  I just looked at the photos for the first time and wow.  It reinforces/reminds me what a beautiful place it is that I live.  It’s so easy to forget to notice.

After my walk I went to hear someone who works for the city of Minneapolis talk about trees.  Apparently one third of the city is covered by trees.  20% of those are green (I think it’s green) ash which will die in the next 10 years from emerald ash borer (a non-native invasive species).  The city has slowly begun cutting them down and replacing them.  He said they’ve learned to not rely so heavily on one type and that the University of MN is working on different varieties.  I asked, “Aren’t there enough native varieties to choose from?”  He seemed not to think so, which I found slightly perplexing.  “Maybe not enough native trees that stand up well in an urban environment?”  I wondered.  It was interesting regardless.

Earlier this week I was singing as I was cooking and I thought, “This might be a good place to record a song, I think the acoustics are good behind the stove.”  So tonight I did.  This is a brand new one.  I didn’t have the initiative to spend much time figuring out better lighting, however I do think the sound is improved.

I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday.  I especially recommend the second show.

I’m almost packed to spend the weekend at a little retreat center run by three incredible Franciscan sisters.  It is a simple, beautiful, peaceful, nourishing place and I’m grateful to take advantage of it.  I haven’t used my watercolor paints in years, but I threw them in a bag and intend to pull them out at least once, along with a guitar, journal, poetry and Walden.  I successfully restrained myself from finishing Walden because I wanted to save some of it to read there.

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