Monday, July 6, 2015

I don't have a title

#1 - Finding out that someone I respect bought her first swimsuit in years. She said she may never wear it, but the purchase itself is an act of faith, strength and life.

#2 - I printed a couple maps for my upcoming trip to North Carolina. I'm actually excited about them. I enjoy seeing daily life. Since I will be gone two weeks, I plan to wash clothes. So I found the closest laundromat to my last campground, and a nearby library.

#3 - I have plane reservations, campground reservations and, of course, reservations for the impetus to this trip (guitar and folk week). Today I made my last reservations - for a rental car.

#4 - I've never gone to live comedic show. I now have a 4th name - Hari Kondabolu - for the list of people I would be interested in seeing. Also included are: Ellen Degeneres, Paula Poundstone and Louis C.K.

#5 - A simple first sight - the back of the sweet man standing at his bathroom sink, shaving his face.

1 comment:

  1. Wuhuw! I made it to your #1!
    And I did wear it, the swimsuit. We didn't go to the sea, because it was too hot to even go to the sea, so I wore it at home (his home). Which needed some courage too, but he liked it, so... :)
    Oh, and I'm at - 8 kg!