Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Day

#1 - Went on my first bike ride of the year on a beautiful spring morning to the sweet man's house. I've never biked over there before, it was a long ride for my first bike ride this year, but almost all flat. A good chunk of it was on bike trails too, which is awesome.

#2 - When I arrived the sweet man was just leaving, I got a quick kiss and then I played cards with his girls on the lawn. He was headed to his senate district convention for the day.

#3 - My brother, niece and nephew soon arrived on bikes after Japanese school and we all rode to the park. My niece was on one of those bikes with one wheel that attaches on the back and my nephew was in a bike seat on the front. They looked pretty cute.

#4 - We all ate the quinoa patties at the picnic table for dinner that the girls and I prepared earlier in the day. Then my niece had a great time searching for shells in the landscaping and then filling up water balloons.

#5 - The sweet man came home and started on the hitch project, he is still working on it right now in the dark. I'm glad he got started, it is so we can put a bike carrier on the back. His oldest let me watch while she did her math - order of operations. She got to one I disagreed on, then her Dad agreed with her, then he took it back. Suffice it to say, we are uncertain.

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