Saturday, August 6, 2016

Flowers and Fear

#1 - My father unexpectedly showed up at the end of the farmer's market so I didn't have to figure out how to bike home with this gift from a vendor.

#2 - Because he was there, the only time all year, I asked him about one of our tents that has a screw missing. One of our board members said he'd bring it home after the market last week to fix, then said wouldn't bring it home but would come back to get it during the week. That never happened so a different board member said he'd come back to get it this week. I wasn't sure how long this would continue. My Dad looked at it, brought it home, and had it fixed within an hour.

#3 - I had a doctor appointment last week. There is something I'm not concerned about but I'm going back soon to have checked out. Today I found further reason for inquiry and suddenly I felt scared. As I walked to the bus I alternated between alarm and seeing the beauty around me. In fact about halfway through the bus ride, a woman remarked to her cell phone, "Look at those beautiful clouds."

So I did.

#4 - The bus dropped me off a little over a half mile from the sweet man's house. I had emailed him earlier that if he felt like a short walk he could come to meet me, and at that point I was really hoping he did.

He did.

#5 - On our walk back to his house he asked, "Is everything alright?"


Then we came upon this

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  1. Please. Please when you have more news, let me know how you are, ok?