Monday, January 16, 2012

Fair Labor and Apple

A little over a week ago I recommended a This American Life program. It is a powerful story, unfortunately not a happy one. "What do we do about this?" I thought afterwards. This is what I did -
#1- First thing, I took a long walk and did a yoga rest class (I just listened to Eckhart Tolle saying recently that when people say, "We need to do something about this!" the first thing we need to do is find stillness.
#2- Then, I recommended it to my friends after I had shifted my attitude/energy.
#3- Then I thought, "We need products labeled. There are organic products and fair trade products, we need fair labor products."

A week later my brother tells me, and I just looked it up, Apple is the first tech company to join the Fair Labor Association!

So I am grateful Apple is taking this step, I am grateful This American Life spotlighted this issue, I am grateful to all the people that put pressure on Apple to do this, I am grateful for all the people who set up and are working in the Fair Labor Association and I am grateful to all the workers who were/are brave enough to take risks and stand up for themselves.

What a positive step!!

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