Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time is to Love

*In the winter I usually get my outdoor time by cross-country skiing, but there hasn't been enough snow. So today I was grateful for an excuse to go to the thrift store (walking distance away). I cut through the back and smiled as I partly slid (on my feet) down a hill. I found what I was looking for (a calendar) and also found this journal. The quote says, "Sometimes the only available transportation is a leap of faith." Margaret Shepherd

*In 2010 when impulsive was my word of the year, I did my best to honor rather than ignore my impulses. So that is how I ended up trying EHarmony. It was overall a positive, yet uneventful, experience. My subscription ended months ago and though I was open to renewing it, I didn't feel inspired to.

Around New Year's I was talking with a friend who was back on EHarmony. She had moved to another state because of a guy she met online, and now they were no longer dating, so she signed back up. That sounded exhausting to me, but she was trying again. Anyway, since then I've had the thought in my mind, but I decided I wanted to get my poetry manuscript sent off first. Well, I sent off my manuscript Saturday, afterwards I signed back up.

Today I was looking at my "new matches," there was one guy who looked really interesting (on the other side of the country). He had lots of interesting photos - outdoors (including some from his job), playing guitar, rock climbing, cooking and even a sweater he knitted for his friend's baby. Wow! I skimmed the rest of his profile and it sounded good. I sent him a "smile" and right afterwards I thought, "Wait a minute, I know this guy!"

I looked again and yes, it was someone I used to work with. Ha! It made me smile so much and totally broke the funk I've been in the last few days. I immediately requested "direct" communication and sent him a message.

From an Eharmony perspective I guess this could be disappointing, despite how wonderful his profile is (and it's true) I know that I'm not interested in him. Still somehow this all made me quite happy and I wish him the best.

*I'm listening to Obama's State of the Union as I write this. Though I sometimes disagree with that man, I am grateful to respect him.

*This yummy beet burger with carrot fries dinner.

*Finally the following is the beginning to a story on the Moth podcasts. Its author was not stated.

"Time is to love
as wind is to fire
it puts out the small ones
and builds up the big ones."

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