Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Not Feeling Like It Override

#1 - I did two things today, that beforehand, I didn't necessarily feel like doing - 6am yoga and my monthly food shelf volunteering. Both of these events were really positive contributions to my day. So maybe I should describe it as "The Not Feeling Like it Override."

#2 - There were a lot of new people volunteering tonight and I was happy to be able to help direct them.

#3 - Having a better idea of what items are in demand (if I donate to a food shelf): cooking oil, sugar, diapers, toilet paper...

#4 - Sometimes I get a bit tired of my repetitive thoughts (even if they aren't negative). When I walked out after volunteering, I realized that for the last 2.5 hours my thoughts had left their self-absorption for a while. Thank you!

#5 - Waiting at a bus stop I looked around me and almost everyone was looking down at an electronic device. I looked up and I smiled.

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