Saturday, February 25, 2012


#1 - Getting into a discussion on socially responsible investing with my teenage cousin. It began with us working on her homework assignment on ethical predicaments. One of them was related to money, and somehow we started talking about savings and CD rates. We went to look up CD rates and then I showed her the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment website. She asked great questions, was really engaged in the discussion, and got me thinking. Thanks!

#2 - Walking down the stairs at my uncle's I glanced up and the approaching sunset with a puffy clouded sky, was perfectly framed by the window.

#3 - Trying out a couple of my favorite things (the ones I could remember) from the shiatsu massage I had recently on my cousins. My brother was watching and he wanted me to try on him too :).

#4 - Finding it relaxing to have my hair straightened by my cousin.

#5 - Discovering how the look that is so popular now is obtained. I've never had my hair straightened or really knew about it, but now I see it is not magic that "everyone" has the same hair style.

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