Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kale. Yeah!

Okay, there is this man at work (not man as in my dating age range man)- that I think is cool. We've only had very brief conversations, but once for example, we discussed the Dalai Lama and he ended up telling me he once opened a restaurant he called the Deli Lama! HA! Anyway, I don't believe I've ever talked to him more than five minutes, but he recently went to Costa Rica with Habitat for Humanity for a week. I told him that I would love to hear about it and said maybe we could talk about it during lunch one day. He agreed.

Well, today I sent him an email asking if tomorrow would work. (I am only working at this extra job briefly - three half days a week.) I figured I'd pack a lunch and just stay and eat there if it worked.

#1 - He wrote back an email with four sentences - all of which had two exclamation marks at the end. That's right, his email had eight exclamation marks! Because he had an "incredible" experience he is excited to share.

#2 - Instead of me packing a lunch. He said we would go out to lunch "no arguments."

#3 - "Do you want kale?" My friend to her 2 1/2 year old.
"Yeah." the 2 2/1 year old.

#4 - My soccer captain making me laugh by turning his requests for a sub into a poem.

#5 - Realizing that the Literary Speed Dating Event (speed dating at the library where you bring a favorite book) is not only incredibly cool already, but also the money I will spend for it will be going to the library itself. Yeah!

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  1. mwahhh
    I don't believe in dating age ranges.