Monday, October 29, 2012

The Big Fix

#1 - I door-knocked for my state representative and senate election, something I've been meaning to do.

#2 - In general it seems I usually get around to what I mean to, even if takes a while.

#3 - Telling people where their polling place is located. Most people already knew, but at least a few didn't. Even when they are voting for the opponent, I still had something to offer.

#4 - After the oil spill in the gulf, one of my "green investments" (where I have a retirement account) wrote an article in their newsletter about Nalco (Ecolab). Nalco made a dispersant used in the spill and the mutual fund was defending the use of this product. This was already my least favorite of my retirement accounts and that solidified it. Since then I have avoided putting more money in this account.

This weekend I watched a movie "The Big Fix" about the BP oil spill and became reinvigorated in my distrust/disgust in the use of the dispersants. I looked at my investments and was dismayed to see a second retirement fund also is invested in Ecolab.

So I sent them an email -

"I watched a movie last night called the Big Fix about the BP oil spill in the gulf. What was worse than the spill itself is the Corexit which was used so things don't look bad. The blatant coverup revealed throughout that film is devastating. I knew that one of my "green" investments had written in their newsletter after the spill about Nalco and were defending the investment. Since then I have not put any money in that fund. However, today I am renewed in my confusion as to why an "ecological" investment would support such a company. I decided to check if any of my other investments had Nalco (which is owned by Ecolab) and unfortunately {the mutual fund I was writing to} does. Has {the mutual fund name} put any investigation time or pressure on Ecolab in relation to this product and how it was used?

Thank you so much for the work you do,


This is part of the response I received

"... We're well aware of the situation you describe and have been in conversation with Ecolab for some time regarding the topic you bring to our attention...concerns were raised after Ecolab’s 2011 acquisition of Nalco. This acquisition almost doubled Ecolab's ingredient portfolio...Recognizing the increased ecological risk of Ecolab’s product portfolio we are currently working to set up a face to face meeting before the end of the calendar year. After our meeting, we will reevaluate our position in Ecolab."


Now I suppose I should write the company that defended Nalco, I'm guessing that response will be less encouraging.

#5 - "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." Greek Proverb

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