Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who's Gonna Be the Rep?

Some people don't like to be a part of the political process until close to the election.  However, by that point I feel there is little choice.  Unfortunately our system is dominated by two parties and of the two (I would like to be surprised here), but there is basically only one I have chosen.

However, I'm not always excited about the people chosen by either party and so the more I learn, the more interesting I find it to be in on the process early - to actually help shape the choice of who is on the ballot in the first place.

Each senate district in Minnesota has two state representatives.  The woman who was going to run for re-election as representative in my senate district, unexpectedly withdrew from the race.  The filing deadline for the election is next week so now the party needs to decide what to do.

I went to a meeting about this last night.  It was decided to have an endorsing convention on Sunday.  Since it is such short notice they needed to call the 125 people who are delegates (which was basically anyone that showed up on caucus night in February and was willing) to help make the endorsement decision.

#1 - I was one of five people who volunteered to make these phone calls.  I am grateful to have the time to do this.

#2 - One woman, who is on the school board and who I think is really cool, volunteered to make all 125 phone calls last night.  I am grateful that 4 of us volunteered in addition so she didn't have to do all that.

#3 - These were the easiest "list" of phone calls I've had to make.  Everyone was receptive and interested.

#4 - When I found out this seat was open, one woman came to mind.  She is someone who loves politcal stuff, is really active and I've come to respect both for who she is and for her viewpoints.  I was excited to learn yesterday she had read my mind (and was running).  I sent her a card of encouragement today.

#5 - I sent a letter today to a friend I'd been meaning to write since January, and I trust that now is a better time for her to get it. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


#1 - SCHEFFLERA - I've had a plant for about 25 years that I was given in elementary school and I didn't know what kind it was until today.

 #2 - I sent two emails today I've been meaning to write for a month. They were both to people I don't know well, but that I respect/enjoy. The first were to a couple that used to play on my soccer team. They moved away as one of them is going to school, but said they hoped to come back. The second was to a guy who might be interested in the speed dating at the library event.

 #3 -There are so many things in life that I don't necessarily want to do, but I am always glad I did. Today for example the simple act of getting out of bed, and then also biking to work.  Because I did both of these things I was able to enjoy the beautiful gentle breeze and the air that feels fresh.  One of my sayings is "too much of a good thing is still too much."  It applies almost universally - food, sleep, jogging, socializing, solitude, reading, work, goes on and on, but the one thing I've come up with that I can't see how there can be too much of is Fresh Air.

#4 - I googled rare Jason Mraz songs and listened to one I haven't heard before - Galaxy.

 #5 - I thought it might be cool to take a picture of the strawberries from below. I didn't put much effort into it and the result isn't so good, but looking at it did make me laugh.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Life isn't Measured

*Just knowing - I took four photos of this flower today. The first two were ok, and when I looked at the third it was clearly the one I wanted to use. No decision required.

*My Dad very somberly said to me today, "Life isn't fair Tammy." I braced for the somber news that was about to come and then he continued very seriously, "A lot of people don't have a job and they give me a raise."

*At 7:17pm tonight the sunlight streaming in my bedroom window onto my orange walls emanated warmth.

*I had a dream last night that I kept thinking, "I need to write this down, I need to write this down." I thought I was having these thoughts after waking up (groggily) from the dream, but when I for sure woke up later I realized maybe I was actually having those thoughts in the dream. Maybe I was dreaming and trying to get myself to write down the dream. All I remember now is that I was at a place full of wood - wooden room, wooden table - cabin like I suppose. And someone (the person seated across the table) told me that I was at a place between earth and heaven. It was an intermediary place.

*Life isn't measured in years it's measured in the excitement of creative devotion you have in your soul and as long as you can express yourself in ways that make you realize something of who you are, you just celebrates that, you keep going. -Ashley Bryan on The Story