Monday, May 7, 2012

Life isn't Measured

*Just knowing - I took four photos of this flower today. The first two were ok, and when I looked at the third it was clearly the one I wanted to use. No decision required.

*My Dad very somberly said to me today, "Life isn't fair Tammy." I braced for the somber news that was about to come and then he continued very seriously, "A lot of people don't have a job and they give me a raise."

*At 7:17pm tonight the sunlight streaming in my bedroom window onto my orange walls emanated warmth.

*I had a dream last night that I kept thinking, "I need to write this down, I need to write this down." I thought I was having these thoughts after waking up (groggily) from the dream, but when I for sure woke up later I realized maybe I was actually having those thoughts in the dream. Maybe I was dreaming and trying to get myself to write down the dream. All I remember now is that I was at a place full of wood - wooden room, wooden table - cabin like I suppose. And someone (the person seated across the table) told me that I was at a place between earth and heaven. It was an intermediary place.

*Life isn't measured in years it's measured in the excitement of creative devotion you have in your soul and as long as you can express yourself in ways that make you realize something of who you are, you just celebrates that, you keep going. -Ashley Bryan on The Story

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