Sunday, April 29, 2012

Half Saddle

#1 - The cashier at the coop today was really intentional with his eye contact.

#2 - It was more eye contact than I am used to in that situation, but I held it.

#3 - I wrote a friend a few days ago saying I was thinking of her and asking how she was doing.  She said most things "pretty much suck" and proceeded to tell me about them, at the end saying, "you asked."  I will take candor for a superficial answer any day.

#4 - Half Saddle in restorative yoga (I just want to be grateful for the restorative yoga class, but that is not specific enough,) so I'm adding a pose that is a great stretch for the knee and quadricep.

#5 - My friend gave me a bunch of shampoo she doesn't like.

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