Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shows What I Know

#1 - It is rare to have such a perfect day for outdoor winter activities - warm sun, no wind and plenty of snow that is neither slushy nor icy. I was feeling a bit guilty as I drove to a park rather far away to cross-country ski, but once I got on the trail I was more than happy to have gone somewhere different. It was further from the city and there seemed to be a lot of people (cars) there but once I went farther than the basic trail there was hardly anyone and it was quiet (except for inside my brain which rarely shuts up :).

#2 - I went to a bachelorette party last night. I'm grateful for Tammy-style which involved leaving at 10pm and not drinking anything alcoholic, so it was easy to get up this morning and spend time with my favorite 3 year old.

#3 - He and I went to an indoor playground. For the first time with me he wanted to climb up this tree trunk. I usually follow him around everywhere, but that thing was too small and tight and I started feeling claustrophobic. So when he wanted to go back in I said I'd meet him at the next opening. I guess he changed his mind though and went back up so we were briefly split up. I saw him at the bottom of the play area looking for me and I called his name from where I was perched above him. He did not hear me, but there was a woman sitting near him who saw his confused expression and saw me looking at him and saying his name. She tapped him and pointed up to me, thank you.

#4 - I am writing this from a beautiful library in a part of town I am not familiar with after skiing. I thought I'd check if there was a natural grocery store anywhere around here so I stopped in to look it up. There isn't one on my way, but I am still grateful to have visited this library which conveniently appeared on my path.

#5 - I was thinking recently that I dcn't have much going on volunteer-wise right now. Then I got a call the other day. The group that worked to prevent marriage as being defined as one man, one woman in the MN constitution is now working to gay legalize marriage in MN. I'm not sure MN is ready for it, but I also didn't expect to win the last marriage vote, so shows what I know!

So, I went to make phone calls. There were only 7 or so of us at this suburban church. Most of us were younger, but there were a couple of gray haired, mainstream looking men. It always impresses me to see them making calls on this. Later I overheard one of these men tell the person on the phone that he has been in a committed relationship for 24 years and that they would love to get married in their home state for their 25th anniversary. 25 years. Yeah.

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