Saturday, February 16, 2013


One weekend last February I thought my life was a bit pathetic as I had nothing better to do than work on my taxes. However, a month or so later I was quite grateful to have my taxes done as I had "better" things to do than my taxes.

#1 - Once again my life feels rather uneventful and I'm working on my taxes because of this. Instead of thinking my life boring, I will remind myself, "Maybe I'm creating space that I will appreciate in the future."

#2 - I also requested an annual credit report. Something I've been meaning to do, but thanks to LACK OF EXCITEMENT, today I made it happen.

#3 - I did go cross-country skiing briefly. I still have a cough and am tired, actually when I got to the park I wanted to take a nap rather than ski. Guess what? I did. I just leaned my seat back, closed my eyes and rested for 15 minutes or so. That is certainly a benefit to being by myself.

#4 - "I miss u and ur fun sense of humor." Alright I am not sure who my friend is talking about, I am one of the most serious people I know. But anyway, I'll take it.

#5 - Seeing my Dad captivated by Al Gore's appearance on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (the radio show I was listening to.) I didn't know he had an interest in Mr. Gore.

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