Monday, June 24, 2013

Power Out...Pump

#1 - You may or may not have noticed but I post on an 8 day rotation. Last week Sunday, so this week Monday (occasionally I add something in between). I was going to skip today though because I haven't had internet because of storm power outages on Friday. However the internet just returned in time for me to be grateful publicly.

#2 - I realized we have an air filter - which I should have been running when I was scrubbing mold in the basement a couple weeks ago - but better late then never.

#3 - My employer seemed unconcerned about the little work today because of the power situation.

#4 - My niece, who is learning new words everyday, still predominantly speaks a language I do not know. Today it was clear she had something very important to explain. She did this once before last weekend when she was saying, "Power out....pump..."(and words I don't understand) then had me follow her into the basement to point at the pump. She was then, and again today, very earnest while speaking, it lasted quite a while and she held her hands in a triangle in front of her at key points.

#5 - The main thing I missed in not having the internet this weekend is research capabilities. I wanted to read a little about lyme disease. I haven't had a tick bite that I know of but I've been feeling a little weird and I had been camping/hiking. Information at your fingertips is so recent and I was trying to figure out this weekend what I would have done in the past. I do have a reference health book which I read, but I still wanted more information...which I got today.

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