Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Have No Title

#1 - Having some visitors which gave me the excuse/motivation to go for a walk at a nature area 5 or 6 miles away that I realized I probably haven't been to for a good year.

#2 - I've been in the online dating world on and off for a couple/few years now.  I'm at the point where I just generally appreciate a simple message from someone who appears interesting and whom I can easily and authentically respond to.  Today I got a couple - one asking about my poetry, one from a natural foods store person/gardener.

#3 - Yesterday an old friend was in my dream and I thought, "I have to tell him about this dream!"  Though when I woke up I realized the dream really was not at all interesting, and that I had actually dreamt thinking, "I have to tell him about this dream."  However I wrote him an email anyway.  This morning I read his response and I realized I hadn't seen him (or a photo of him) for probably ten years.  The last time we communicated he didn't have a little photo that was attached to his email, but today he did and I thought to myself, "what a handsome man." :)

#4 - I also really enjoyed writing the longer response I had to his message which included quoting Khalil Gibran which is always a good way to start the day.

#5 - I was asked to bring a nature poem to the staff meeting next week at the yoga studio (where I do a work exchange).  I would love to.

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