Friday, March 14, 2014

Light Dancing

#1 - The light dancing on the ceiling. I looked up from the computer and saw light dancing on the ceiling, as if a reflection from a pond. It gently rippled and swayed. It took some investigation to determine where this came from. At first I thought it was the reflection from the light shining on the wooden floor, maybe cloud movement. But it didn't move like clouds, it moved like water. Then I stood atop the lighted floor and saw I did not block the light. Eventually I realized it was from a puddle. There is a small puddle on the sidewalk outside. The sunlight was reflected off that puddle and onto the ceiling. And I guess there was enough wind to create a ripple effect. A pond on the ceiling.

#2 - I'm sure it was not a coincidence that I was enjoying a conversation between Eckhart Tolle and Karen May right before I became aware of the rippling light. Karen May struck me as a radiant woman - both inwardly and outwardly.

This was the Puddle -

#3 - Putting together a set list of songs to play for a musician friend. I'm not sure that I am going to play for him. I just have the impulse to put something together.

#4 - Being aware of forcing. I just wanted to get this email sent to a friend today. I knew while I was doing it that it had stressful energy behind it (that I probably should just write it later), but I wanted to get it done. The gratitude is simply that though I did not direct my actions/energy in a more positive manner, at least I was aware of this.

#5 - I went to a Poetry Out Loud competition yesterday. It was high school students competing in their memorization of poetry. I enjoyed the whole thing, however there were two poems that particularly stood out to me. "Candles" by Carl Dennis and "For the young who want to" by Marge Piercy. Clearly the students really liked "Candles" because three of the 14 students chose that poem, which meant I got to hear it three times. The Piercy poem was definitely my favorite and I just requested books by these two authors from the library. I memorized a different Piercy poem over ten years ago (which meant I really liked it), so I obviously should check her out. The library has 50 books by her! I've read zero and they look interesting. I'll start with the poetry book and Sex Wars, apparently historical fiction about suffrage.

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