Saturday, March 22, 2014

Marge Piercy

#1 – My friend tried a class at Orange Theory (an exercise place I bought a few classes for) with me today and so I got a free class as well.

#2 – The first half of this class is on the treadmill. When I got to the point where I needed to distract myself, I started with my toes and went through my body thanking it. “Thank you toes. Thank you feet. Thank you ankles. Thank you shins…” By the time I got to lungs, the instructor had us doing something else.

#3 – On the short ride there and home the conversation flowed so easily and interestingly with my friend. She also appreciated Marge Piercy’s, For the young who want to, poem which I had just picked up from the library and read to her.

#4 – I also picked up Marge Piercy’s Sex Wars A Novel of the Turbulent Post-Civil War Period. I love history and know very little about the women’s suffrage movement which is so recent. I am hopeful I will be as enthusiastic about the actual book as I am the idea of the book.

#5 – Eating a fruit smoothie on the couch while I listened to The News from Lake Wogobon on A Prairie Home Companion.

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