Monday, April 7, 2014

For the young who want to

#1 - My favorite kind of exercise - not yoga, not soccer, not swimming - functional exercise, especially in place of the use of prehistoric plants and animals. It takes a lot less motivation to use decomposed prehistoric plants and animals, but today thanks to winter's transition to spring, I had the inspiration to jog to the monthly poetry group at the library.

#2 - The cover of this magazine, which appealed to me immediately. I didn't read the whole article but I completely agree with the opening sentiment. "In the past generation the risting preoccupation with children's safety has transformed childhood: stripping it of independence, risk-taking and discovery. What's been gained is unclear: rates of injury have remained fairly steady since the 1970's, and abduction by strangers was as rare then as it is now. What's been lost is creativity, passion and courage." Atlantic Monthly April 2014 Article by Hanna Rosin

#3 - Being able to share the two poems that have most touched me in the last month with an appreciative audience. They are Marge Piercy's "For the young who want to," and Carl Dennis's "Candles".

#4 - I've been meaning to get a baseball cap for probably a year or so. I have a couple hats I wear in the sun, however I've wanted something with a more snug fit for a situation like canoeing when I'm concerned my hat will blow off. I found one tonight and the best part of the gratitude is that I didn't make any effort to find it. I stopped in the store because I had a half an hour between the library closing and the bus, and there one was.

#5 - Someone asked a man, whom I consider to be the epitome of wisdom, the question that most troubles me.

The video is on his website and if it is possible to embed it here I haven't figured out how, so it will just have to be a link.

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