Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Elite: Voice of Generation-Y

 #1 - Stopping what I was doing to harmonize with Leonard Cohen's "Show Me the Place."  Then replaying the song and doing it again.

#2 - A friend recommended this.  I had a spontaneous dance party the first time I heard this song too.

I've never been to "Elite Daily:  The Voice of Generation-Y" before, but I scrolled down the page and these other two videos caught my eye.

#3 -  

 #4 -An on a lighter note.  I have not seen the original video this refers to, but I'd rather see the non-actors anyway.

#5 - It's possible I've had this as a gratitude before, but I heard the song again today and this line still expands my heart.


“I’d like to be those flowers

 open to everything.”


By: Wailin’ Jennys

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