Thursday, May 1, 2014

Curried Onion Tart

#1 - The smell of the Curried Onion Tart baking as I write this.  It's 8 cups of onions and 6 eggs and it
is surprisingly yummi.

#2 - I am working at my local farmer's market this year and one thing we need to do is obtain musicians.  The board sent out a request to those who played last year and there are many people signed up to play multiple Sundays.  I was hoping to add a little variety.  Thanks to KFAI community radio I'm familiar with a few local musicians that may be willing to play something like a farmer's market.  I wrote a few emails and one I enjoy (Sarah Morris) wrote back and said she would be interested.  Yeah! 

#3 - We also wanted a kids event on the opening market day.  At the meeting yesterday I didn't have any ideas, but today I thought The Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater may have a traveling show.  I emailed them today and they do.  I don't know if it is in our budget, but that would be great as well.

#4 - Once a month we want to have a "special event".  The first month it will be "City Days", we don't know what July will be yet, August will be Health and Wellness day.  I didn't have any ideas for what to do in July, but health and wellness I did.  One of which is to coordinate with my yoga studio.  The owner wrote back today suggesting "Laughter Yoga ?  Or Family Yoga Fun time?" Yes.  and Yes.

#5 - You know how important birthdays were when you were a kid?  Which is probably why May 2nd is so easy to remember.  It is the only friend I've known since kindergarten that I maintain contact with.  The contact is sparse at this point, but I don't think I ever forget her when May 2nd rolls around.  Yesterday I thought about writing a card, but didn't.  Today I took time during breakfast to write her a card and put it in the mail.

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