Saturday, May 17, 2014

One of My Favorite Days

One of my favorite days of the year is the "Spring Work Day" at Clare's Well, a little retreat center near Annandale, MN. 

I've heard the phrase, "Respect Your Elders" throughout my life, but it is when I step onto this piece of land, and am welcomed by a hug from one of the sisters that I can fully embody that advise. The women who run this place shine with compassion, love and generosity. Every year I feel so blessed to give just a little bit to them in return. This year it was especially poignant as I've known they have been contemplating what will happen in the future, it is a lot of work and they are getting older. I overhead one sister talk about a couple that may buy it. They would still run it as a retreat center, yet no matter how welcoming the new owners are, they cannot replicate the feeling these sisters wrap upon the place. I also doubt they will match the price. For $60/night you get one these three hermitages.

Option #1 - House of Clare (brown building on the left)

Option #2 - House of Francis

Option #3 - The Dome

plus three delicious meals, a pond to swim in, labyrinth to walk through, woods, sauna and quiet. The Catholic church won the lottery when these women decided to align themselves with it. Women who have these bumper stickers like this

and chakra stones scattered on their grounds.

Yep, they're with the Catholic church and they are not afraid of chakras (or gay marriage for that matter).

Their strength is a beacon in this world. Thank you Jan, Paula, Carol and all the other people that have made that place a reality.

And thank you Jill for introducing me to it.

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