Monday, June 2, 2014

Go for the Brussels Sprouts

#1 – A yummi dinner eaten on the back step of: chickpea melts, carrots, Newman’s pretzels and strawberry rhubarb bar with plain yogurt on top (made from the rhubarb in the garden).

#2 – As I biked over to my friend’s for our weekly jog I had to compensate for the evening breeze which was pushing hard from a sideways direction. It caught me off guard and then made me smile.

#3 – Listening to an Eckhart Tolle meditation video which he hardly said anything, but I could still feel the power of it. It reminded me of “the force” in Star Wars. There was an old clock in the back ground that chimed many times at 10:30, Eckhart didn’t know why

#4 – The cantaloupe plants in the garden are still living. I bought 2 (or 4 I forget) last year, none of which survived being transplanted. This year it looked like they met the same fate. “I guess I can’t grow cantaloupe,” but today three of the four seem to pulled through what looked like their death. The 4th seemed to have succumbed to a rabbit, so I’m covering them now with a pot at night. The rabbit (well I can’t say for SURE it was a rabbit, but it was something), ate all my Brussels sprouts and all my kale, oh and the one sunflower I planted. Surprisingly, it is NOT eating my lettuce. Who knew Brussels sprouts and kale are preferable to lettuce? It actually is working well that the bunny and I have opposite preferences. The bunny is leaving alone the things I care most about - tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries - but also peppers, onions, cilantro, lettuce, parsley and basil. If I were to tell the rabbit what to eat I would say, “Go for the Brussels sprouts,” so it’s a good deal thus far.

#5 - I saw this headline on the National Public Radio website today - Pregnancy Hormone May Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms.

Sounds cool to me.

The following line from the story didn't surprise me, but is unfortunate all the same.

"Drug companies weren't interested in estriol because it isn't a patented chemical, Voskuhl says."

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