Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oh Pickle Relish

#1 –I’d like to have some sort of creative default word that comes out of my mouth when something unexpected goes wrong or I get hurt. But it’s a standard swear word that holds the spot in my brain. Today, in the children’s section of the library I heard another version. The volunteer replacing books on the shelf exclaimed, “OH PICKLE RELISH!” when part of her stack hit the floor. I looked over to see if she was joking, but she was seriously upset.

#2 – “Help! I’m Trapped Under Sidewalk,” written with chalk at the foot of the library doors.

#3 – The effortless and silent way my 5 year old friend's hand, slipped into mine, as we began walking home from the beach.

#4 – The echo of my flip flops off the wall of a short pedestrian tunnel.

#5 –

You know how to get what you love?

Love what you have.

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