Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sweetly in the Night

#1 - How I felt when I woke up this morning - which I couldn't express, so I picked up the guitar and attempted to. It came pretty fast and easy after not writing anything for a couple months. Creativity is mysterious that way. So this is a draft - but the point is not to share a finished song, but to share my gratitude for creation.

#2 - I emailed a guy I met recently. We both agreed there wasn't any mutual chemistry, however he's a more advanced guitar player, so I said I might consult him for future chords suggestions. I emailed him today about the bridge on this one and he just wrote back, so I'll play if that makes it better.

#3 - I went to my National Night Out block party (which scares me as I don't know anyone well and it's a social thing). Just like last year it was completely fine and I enjoyed myself. There was an interesting discussion about living in/visiting the Middle East and also a peek inside the surface of my neighbor's life.

#4 - I made my item (Thai Noodle Salad with Green Beans) for the potluck last night so I wasn't in a hurry today.

#5 - The first 3 times I tried to upload the video to this it didn't work. I almost gave up.

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  1. I always forget how beautiful and pure a voice you have...