Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Star Stuff

When I was debating about joining a mid-week soccer team for early winter, one of my hesitations was that I would have to choose between my monthly poetry group and the game.  Today is one of the days, but it worked out.  I can go to an hour of poetry and then leave a little early and still get to my game.


I didn't want to write anything today beyond sharing a video passed on to me.  There are so many ways to ground ourselves and refocus.  We are so often out of touch with what really matters.  I know I become hurt or judgmental when someone I'm close to speaks to me in a condescending or angry tone of voice.  And yet if I can just rest in the space that I am surrounded by, the space that I am.  If I can just hear the pain behind that tone instead of reacting with my own. Everything changes.

Everything changes and we are changed by everything.  What does change look like today?  It is the quiet peace that washed over me both times I watched this video.  It is the sunlight in a pattern on the wall beside where I sit and type, almost in the form of a human - an arm outstretched to sky.  It is the echoes of what I've forgotten and the chorus of what I know.  It is taking the time and the space to let something pass through me that doesn't need to make sense nor be explained.

I sit in the awe of creation and am grateful to be reminded.  And I need this reminder -  again and again and again.

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