Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nudges in the Right Direction

#1 - Some years ago I was switching banks and I reluctantly opened a savings account with a big online bank. I don't like the idea of banks with massive power, or what I often hear them funding, but there my money went. I thought I had looked into the nearby credit union and didn't qualify. But I looked again recently and anyone that lives in the area can join. So thanks to and their global divestment day coming up next week, I've been nudged in a better direction. I just put in a transfer request. Next week I'll close it (if I can figure out how, it is NOT obvious to me on the website) and join the credit union.

#2 - On Tuesday I received an email from a yoga teacher that she had read one of my poems in class and hoped it was ok. A few days before that I had uncertainly signed up for the AWP conference this Spring. I had never heard of the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs). I wasn't initially drawn to spend money on it, but then I saw that next year it's in L.A. and then DC and then Florida. It's in Minneapolis this year, so even if I don't know what it is, I decided to check it out. I told all this when I wrote back Julie (the yoga teacher) about using my poem. She responded, "I am so glad that you are going to the writing conference!"

#3 - Then today in yoga someone else who works at the studio and was in class Tuesday said she enjoyed my poem.

#4 - I'm going to a new poetry group tomorrow night. One of the women who goes to my regular library poetry group has mentioned it, and then a friend of mine sent me a meet-up link about the same group. So I decided I'd try it. For this group you are supposed to bring a poem based on the month's theme. This month is dedication. I picked out Mary Oliver's The Journey, imagining that others may pick it too, but it is so clearly on target. As I was coming home from yoga today though, I thought about my poem that Julie read on Tuesday. It is called Fall in Love with Your Life, falling in love with the life that you have sure as hell requires dedication. Maybe I'll bring my own poem instead.

#5 - This has a lot of nudges in the right direction. #3:Remembering Karim is my favorite

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