Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Community Ed Fitness

I signed up for a community education fitness class because it is at a school only a couple blocks away. It gives me somewhere I can walk to in the wintertime. Thus far the class hasn't been particularly challenging. It is only 50 minutes long, we usually start 5 minutes late, and there's 5 minutes of explanation etc.

Tonight though it kicked my butt. We did six stations and worked through them 3x. 1. mountain climbers 2. triceps 3. salt and pepper 4. squats and shoulders/chest 5. pop-ups shoulder thing 6. wall sits. After the instructor explained the exercises I headed straight for the one I dislike the most (mountain climbers), thankfully so. At the end I did not have energy for that. Also each set got a little shorter and on my first set of mountain climbers (the longest one) Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" came on. I could of used a little more volume, but I'll take it.

The instructor walks around giving form tips. Today he said that my right knee bobbles inward when I come up from my squats. Previously I haven't taken his comments very seriously, but that is the exact spot where my knee has been injured a couple times. Wow. I had no idea it does that and I'm grateful he was paying attention and pointed it out to me.

I also like the wide variety of ages in the class from a 21 year old (son and mother team) to retirement age. Cathy is on the older end and I guess has been taking this class for years. She is talkative and inquisitive without being intrusive. "I thought you had soccer on Wednesdays" she said to me today, because she talks to people and pays attention :).

Bonus from earlier in the week:

I have so much respect for Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, the advice they offer and the way they offer it.

"As Almond told Here & Now’s Robin Young, the people who write in 'don’t want an answer, they want permission essentially to feel what they’re feeling and to know that they’re in a process of struggle and they’re not alone in that.'”

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