Sunday, January 4, 2015

Deep Blue

#1 –Looking out the window to the West and seeing a deep blue in the morning sky while the temperature read -4F on my way to my soccer game.

#2 – Not caring at all when my friend yelled at me in soccer (he yells at everybody including himself), and meeting the new woman on our team, a friend of one of our players.  Women in the over 30 league are a rare find.

#3 – Arriving to the announcement, “My best friend is here!”   (My niece as soon as I opened the door.)

#4 – I finally got my bedroom windows winterized with plastic last night before this serious cold snap blew in.  I almost just feel asleep sitting upright in front of the heating vent near one of them.

#5 – My soccer game was near my brother’s place so it was convenient to stop by afterwards and see them and my cousins who stayed there last night.  Then they all headed to the REI used gear sale which was  conveniently located on the drive home for my cousins' and also helped motivated them to leave before too late (on such a cold day).

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