Monday, January 12, 2015

All I Need

  • I made a spinach chickpea soup recipe from Simple Vegetarian Pleasures during breakfast.  It was inspired by the fact that I had a 1.5 pound bag of spinach that I didn’t know what to do with and was pretty sure most of which would go to waste.  However Jeanne Lemlin saved me, it needed 10 cups of spinach.

  • My favorite 5 year old is wondering when I’m going to come over and put him to bed at night.  That was a part of being a kid that I hated, I suppose it is the “Activator” in me.  I wanted to be able to make things happen. 

  • I told my father that I scratched his car last night.  It was in a tight parking lot and I didn’t realize the back of the minivan next to me swung into my spot.  I couldn’t see any damage last night to either vehicle but I figured in the bright sunlight it might be different.  There was a scratch, really minor, and it just made me realize how fortunate I am with over 20 years of driving to have this and a scratch to my sideview mirror in my old car to be my only mishaps.  When I told my father he said, “If you were in the hospital we would have a problem.”

  • I wrote my friend an email about how great some of the guys I play soccer with are.  I thought it would make me feel appreciative/wealthy, but instead it made me feel a bit sad.  This perplexed me and I wrote to her again sharing this and trying to understand why I might feel that way.  She replied, “I get that. I totally do.”  And sometimes that is all I need.

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