Thursday, June 4, 2015

Compiling Evidence

These photos are from a magical experience I had last week when I stopped at Chipotle for lunch. Not only did it say they didn't use GMO ingredients, when I got my burrito I saw that there was a short story from Paulo Coelho on the bag. PAULO COELHO one of my top ten living author heroes! Dispensing wisdom on the bag of a major food restaurant chain! Seriously, this could be the door to a whole new world. I haven't wanted to throw away the bag since. I might cut up a section and put it in my journal. This was already a gratitude last week but it is simply too good to keep to myself.

#1 – “Is that a ukuleke? Yes, it appears to be!” Sitting out back eating dinner I realize that the sounds coming from the deck of the neighbor behind and to the side of me is someone playing a ukulele!

#2 - I borrowed this weightwatchers360 cookbook called Veg Power! 140 recipes to pump up produce, use less meat quite skeptically a while back. Again and again I’ve been surprised by the simple yummi recipes inside, tonight - curried parsnip soup.

#3 - My friend called to say she posted a photo for throw back Thursday on Facebook that I took of her milking a goat.  She said that visit to me in California, when I worked as a teacher connecting people to nature and where their food comes from was probably her #1 adventure.

"More than going to Italy?" I asked.

"Yes." she said, "and I thought I should call and thank you for that opportunity."

#4 -The librarian who leads my library poetry group occasionally sends out his poems.  They are always beautiful, the one he sent today was no exception.  However, when I reread today's poem it appeared he only sent it to me.  Then I looked again and realized, I think  this poem was inspired by me from last night's poetry group.  I asked him if I could share it on my blog and he agreed.  My mind wasn't quite as still as this poem would have one believe, but I was aware of this as I sat in my chair, so there was a deeper/stiller presence behind my mind's wanderings.  So then again, maybe I was.

#5 -
In the world
that tries hard
to be famous through
meaningless words
where everyone competes
to say something better
than another person
it is your capacity
to be still and listen
that touches me deeply
your heart is a sea filled with
honey water -
and the universe wants
a shelter inside your
infinite goodness -

-Guthema Roba

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  1. beautiful post.
    and it is actually a beautiful poem