Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Life's Journey

#1 - My uncle is in a hospital far from home in the American waiting game where we save a life to prolong a death.

This upsets me.

Today I listened to a Byron Katie webcast and I transferred one of the things Susan Stiffelman said about her son during her divorce. "My son shouldn't have to go through this." She shifted to, "How do I know what his life journey is?"

I immediately transferred this to my situation and felt the first glimmer of peace.

"My uncle shouldn't have to go through this." That may be true.

Then again. "How do I know what his life journey is?"

#2 - So grateful on this sunny warm day to have a reason (without having to try and motivate myself) to get on my bike and ride over to my friend's for the weekly jog we just started. I could use a friend to talk to, I could use some outside time, I could use some sun, I could use some reflective quiet. I hope to be ready early to stop at a park on the way and just sit, maybe reflect, maybe write.

#3 - The YMCA wants to participate in the Health and Wellness day at the farmer's market this year.

#4 - Sent by my Dad

Which reminds me of a recent video on Eckhart Tolle's website on the same theme. These videos get rotated often so I'm not sure how long this link will work.

#5 - An email - "It was about 9:45 before I finished my chores when I called hoping to hear your voice before bed. I did hear it albeit on the voice mail recording :)."

I was already asleep.

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