Monday, May 11, 2015

Space to Find

#1 – I walked in the house and heard the voice of my friend on the answering machine with a twinge of guilt as she wanted to postpone our jog because it was too cold for her. “Great,” I replied, “I bought some plants yesterday that I wanted to try and get in the garden.”

#2 – I was about to head out back and into the garage to work on that when I couldn’t find my keys. I had literally been in the house five minutes. I’d opened the door with those keys. They couldn’t be far. I started getting frustrated, looking in the same spots, retracing my steps. Then I stopped, took a breath and asked for any and all assistance, or another way to put it is that I opened to life. Then I walked into a different room and there they were.

#3 – I was trying to complete a task of prepping a salad for a friend that is coming over tomorrow. I had a bit of the “I need to get this done and get ready for bed,” energy. Then I took a breath and thought, “I’m so grateful that my friend is choosing to come over here on her birthday and I can make this salad for us."

#4 – The rhubarb crisp offered by one of the transportation planners this AM. I almost forgot about the offer until 4pm when I remembered and had a late afternoon treat.

#5 – The hug from my manager at that workplace as I left it for the 5th (?) time. I just joke now as I leave, “See you guys in a few years.”

“You can email us poems,” one replied.

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