Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Particular Word

#1 – There was a standing ovation at the beginning of the concert I went to tonight. I joined in without hesitation out of a profound and deep respect for Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," I thought as I bowed to the beautiful men on the stage before me.

#2 – Storyhill played The Old Fashioned Way. It’s a new song and it was the third time I’d heard it. I find it captivating, thought provoking and insightful. I'm so grateful that year after year they keep creating nourishing music.

#3 – Thank you to the parking garage attendant who let me go home. I was alone in my car, the ramp was unattended. 6 times the machine told me it couldn’t read my credit card. It was the only card I had with me. There was a least one car behind me, I couldn’t back up. It was 10:45pm.

Then I saw the button for assistance “can take up to 3 minutes”. A voice came on the speaker in less than two. I couldn’t understand them, but I tried to explain. The ramp let me leave.

#4 – A hand rubbing my back as I sat on the curb for the Heart of the Beast Theater’s May Day parade. He, the two kids and I biked there from his place, enjoyed the sights on a beautiful day and then biked home. The last three years it’s been my friend’s child and I. This year he had other plans (his nanna was in town), but I was left in very good company.

#5 – “You’re wonderful.”

“Anything else?”


“There’s a particular word I’m looking for. It’s an adjective, but if I tell you what it is that will ruin it.”




“It’s fine.” (I gave up.)


“That’s it!”

“I didn’t think you’d appreciate hearing that.”

“I can hear I’m brilliant from anybody and it would be fine, but most of the time if someone calls me sexy it’s annoying. It isn’t annoying from you.”

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  1. these are so beautiful Tammy! Thank you for writing and sharing everyday prayers so we can see them and become them with you! xoxo