Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sometimes it Just Comes

#1 - Fingers lightly grazing my shoulders, sitting on the bench of the playground near my brother's while my niece, favorite 5 year old, and his two girls played at the park.

I wondered if it would be fun to take these four children camping together - with such wide age ranges would they play together?

They played together.

#2 - My favorite five year old still wanting to hold my hand while we walked to the lake. After canoeing I asked if he wanted to try the sit on top kayak. "Will you come with me?"


#3 - How welcoming my brother and sister-in-law are - helping bring the kayak to the lake, offering to make dinner. My brother biking to the store for groceries, my sister-in-law cooking while the rest of us played at the park.

#4 - My niece sitting on my lap eating homemade pizza while she flirted with the sweet man sitting beside me.

#5 - Seeing my niece (3 years old) riding fast and confident and at ease on a bike. She went straight from her Strider which she mastered last summer to riding a normal bike (no training wheels) in less than a week. She just kept going in circles, wanting to be chased and stopped at all roads/was observant of cars.

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