Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Beginning

#1 - I've been groovin on the Love Someone (by Jason Mraz) 9 Theory Remix a lot lately.

#2 - My friend discovered these gorgeous new camper cabins at a park recently. Apparently they were immediately booked when the reservation system opened. Yesterday the reservations opened for the next 12 months. She was going to see if she could get us a weekend in October. I mentioned them to the guy I've been excited about recently and sent him the link. He was enthusiastic too and said it might be a while off but maybe we could look into one?

I said, "Yes!" You have to reserve now or never. The reservations opened yesterday morning and this morning every weekend until the end of October was already filled. I actually find winter time more appealing anyway. So this morning he made a reservation for us for January 1st and 2nd. (New Years Eve was already taken).

#3 - The only New Years eve/day plans are ones I make, kind of last minute because I should "do" something. Not that I haven't simply stayed at home. I've done that too many times - some happily, some not so much. Whether we will follow through on these plans doesn't matter much to me now. There is an $8 reservation fee that he could lose. What matters is at this point in time, both of us are perfectly happy with the idea of making a plan together that is 9 months away. This is five days after he was hesitant (he later told me) about spending 9 hours with me last Saturday because it seemed like a long time and he wasn't sure how it would go.

#4 - I also asked him if he wanted to put on his calendar picking me up from the airport after my trip this summer. I figured if we're making plans in January, I guess that isn't too presumptuous.

He replied,

"It wouldn't be presumptuous at all, I will definitely be there to pick you up when you return."

#5 - This Ghosts and Empty Glasses by Paul Frantzich I just discovered today.

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