Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Load Planners

#1 - I was standing alone in the bus shelter protected from a rather fierce wind. A man came near to examine the schedule. He had a closed face the way strangers often do. He soon called the bus company to find out when a bus heading East would be there. I started looking at the schedule and saw only West bound info. Then I saw the bus he wanted arrive behind us. I don't think he understood how the stop worked as he was only looking ahead (and it is a bit confusing). "It's right there!" I pointed. "That bus goes downtown."

He started to run, but looked back for a moment to give me an open faced smile.

#2 - I've been filling in part-time at a job I was originally assigned through a temp agency. The job is in the transportation (trucking) department of a potato and egg company. This is probably the 5th (?) time I've been back there and each time I think I bring a little bit more of myself. Last time I started reading poems to various people in the department (one poem a day, each day to a different person.) Today I walked into the office where the three load planners work, one of whom is new to me, and I said, "Are you ready for your poem of the day?"

"Poem of the day?!" The new guy exclaimed (because in fact this was quite inaccurate. I think it's only the 2nd poem I've read them since I've been back). Then these three men, who plan trucks, gave me their undivided attention with expectant smiles.

"That was a dose of reality." One of them responded. (It was a bit of a downer poem.)

"I'll bring a happier one next time," I replied.

#3 - An email I read this AM - "I thank you for your honest question and kind words. I feel like reaching out and giving you a big hug right now..."

#4 - I bought my airplane ticket to NC for this summer. I can spend WAY too much time debating about when I should buy to get a better fare.

#5 - That I had a second alarm set up in my room. I've been doing this since I started catching the bus for work again as those days I have my alarm set for 20 minutes earlier. Today I was awoken by that second alarm (which is really loud and annoying) because my first didn't go off. I looked and it was set - but not for another 15 minutes because that is the time I usually get up. Anyway, alarm #2 prevented a rushing morning.

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