Tuesday, March 17, 2015


  • I mentioned previously there is a letter/poetry contest that I am going to enter soon.  Last night a woman came to mind who was in a writing class I took a few years back.  Her comments were always insightful.  I didn't have her email saved, but I had it written in an address book so I gave it a try and sent her the poem.  She responded right away that she will take a look at it and get back to me.

  • Last week I spoke to a friend who was excited to take a trip to Oregon this summer.  Today she wrote me that she had a different plan, "In a fairly quick turn of events, I've signed up for a trip to Ubud, Bali."  What?!  After I inquired further she explained that she didn't think international travel was an option in her current job for $ and time off reasons but, "Cheers to shattering limiting beliefs!"

  •  I'm putting together some plans for a trip for myself this summer.  I'm going to "guitar and folk week" which is hosted at a college in Asheville, NC.  I applied for their work exchange after mentioning it to a friend on the phone who encouraged me.  I found out a couple weeks ago that I was awarded one of the positions so my fee will be 1/2 price.  Now I'm coming up with a plan to do a little camping/hiking in the area before the music week.  One of the places I want to camp (because it is listed in a book I got from the library called "Best Places to Camp in North Carolina") I just google mapped and it is 10.4 miles from the airport.  Excellent camping within 10 miles of an airport!  This is both awesome and intriguing.

  • I mailed (postal) some friends my post from March 1st that I knew wouldn't see it here.  One replied today "I enjoyed your letter; thanks for sending it.  10,000 gratitudes - sounds like a book.  That is awesome.  I am happier just knowing that such a thing has happened."  

  • In fact this is #9215 - Yep. I did the Math today.  I'm on gratitude #9215.  That is how many gratitudes it took to find a guy whom I enjoy spending time with to ask me to get together with him again.  Nine thousand two hundred and fifteen.  :)


  1. Now I don't know what that last one means exactly (and I sure am curious), but I think that is about the most beautiful thought I've ever heard.
    That it takes gratitudes to get (to) something.

    Instead of feeling gratitude when you get something.



  2. Oh and I must add:

    VERY curious