Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To Write or Not To Write

#1 – The yoga studio were I usually attend is being remodeled so I’ve gone to a different place recently. Some of the classes there have loud music which the teachers yell over. I don’t like being yelled at. I don’t find it motivational.

My favorite instructor was also one of the most challenging. She was a woman with a very soft pleasant voice who would trick you into doing difficult things. She never said, “Stick with it! Keep it up!” She just told you seemingly simple things to do and after a while it would hit you, “This is really hard!”

Anyway, this morning the music was quieter and the instructor had a soft voice and I felt nurtured and content.

#2 – Kerri Miller’s (Minnesota Public Radio) show from yesterday that a friend recommended I listen to. It was an interview with Emily Nagoski the author of Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life

#3 – Someone wrote in to Kerri Miller asking they do a similar show on men so Kerri asked her guest to recommend a guest for such a program. She suggested, Ian Kerner, I looked him up on the library catalog and thought, “The cover of this book looks familiar.” Then realized that’s because I saw it laying around the sweet man’s house.

#4 – I signed up to continue the Writing and Meditation Class I took this fall but there weren’t enough participants so it was cancelled. I was disappointed, but I already had all the times on my calendar so I decided to do it anyway. It was an hour and a half once a week for eight weeks. I got a friend to agree to participate with me every other week and then decided I’d do the other four weeks myself. This week was my first solo week. I switched my class to Tuesday since it worked better for my schedule. Tonight, I was feeling pretty unenthusiastic about it though. I didn’t feel like sitting and meditating. I didn’t have any writing prompts prepared. Did I really have to do this?

But I lit a candle, turned out the lights, and my body knew.
My mind kept chattering as usual,
but my body was on board.

#5 – Then instead of using non-existent writing prompts I decided to write a letter. This felt much better and the enthusiasm returned. 45 minutes later the letter is almost complete.

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