Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beach Ball

#1 - The beach ball floating away from the swimming area. Though nobody seemed to be concerned or care, it gave me something to rescue. Could I get there before it blew too far away? Would the weeds become too much? Would the wind pick up?

#2 - The sweet man and I had a few writing prompts we'd written in the winter that I asked him to bring to the beach. We pulled a couple to write on and he said, "We should do this more often. Make a jar where we put prompts."

#3 - I almost gave in and decided to work the farmer's market on a weekend we had a tentative camping trip planned, but luckily I'd sent an email earlier to the board director and she already had me as unavailable on her calendar.

#4 - All the sweet little touches I got at the beach - a kiss on the shoulder, a finger on my thigh, a hand on my belly.

#5 - Seeing a turtle laying eggs, from a distance, burrowing in the sand, burying. And the young woman who almost ran over her on her bike, but didn't.

Bonus discovery - I looked up a video for treading water techniques after discussing it at the beach and discovered that at least part of the reason I can swim longer than the man I'm dating is NOT because I'm in better shape, but rather, because he uses the most exhausting method for treading water.

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