Monday, June 27, 2016

Theater Camp and Momo

#1 - The quick look back for reassurance from the sweet man's oldest daughter when I dropped her off at theater camp.

#2 - Both of the girls' excitement in meeting two new friends each and sharing what they learned their first day when I picked them up.

#3 - They have an end of the week theater showcase Friday afternoon. I looked into the details of it and started thinking about fitting it in my week in case they wanted me to see it. I figured maybe I'd ask the sweet man to ask them, so they could answer him honestly. If I ask them it would be hard to say, "No I don't want you there." However, I didn't get the chance because one of the first things the oldest said to me when I picked them up was, "Are you going to come to the showcase Friday?"

#4 - The theater day camp, just happens, to be located a couple miles from where I live, making it convenient to help out with drop-offs, pick-ups and a possible attendance a the showcase on Friday.

#5 - Reading Momo (By Michael Ende) to the girls and the sweet man as they prepped their lunches and snacks for tomorrow. It was late, and a time that often includes bickering, but Momo took care of that. I've been waiting months to have the opportunity to share this book with them.

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