Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Glimpses of Quetico

#1 - Once a week they offer free across the lake swims (with lifeguards) in Minneapolis. I planned to go today but there were thunderstorms forecast this evening. My disappointment turned to a fun jog in the rain with the sweet man.

#2 - It was extremely humid when we began the jog, then the wind picked up and we felt a cool gust of wind.  I love storms when I have a safe home to return to and it was fun to be out in it, to splash in the puddles, to feel the rain change, with some googles I would have been completely fine as the water did start to sting my eyes a little.

#3 - We came back and the storm picked up and instead of driving home in it, I looked at the photos from Michael (the sweet man's) solo Quetico canoe trip this spring.  These are a few of my favorite.

#4 - Come to think of it I remember driving through Quetico when I was in college and thinking, "I need to come back here some day."  I haven't told the sweet man that  yet, but I know he'd be excited to hear it and take me.

#5 - Michael mentioned yesterday that he planned to go to a music festival we had talked about before. He hadn't asked me because I didn't sound excited. I said I was working at the farmer's market that day, but maybe could switch. I thought about it more today though and decided I really don't want to go. When I told him he said, "I was kind of looking forward to going by myself."


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