Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pain Body and Roses

The pain body found you
the pain body's here
you recognize its presence
you recognize the fear

The pain body comes
the pain body goes
you watch it rise up
you watch how it flows

You greet it, you meet it, you know it your friend
one that haunts you, taunts you
it will not bend

The time is twirling
the space is now
and you are listening
listening somehow

You feel it swirling, dive in for a bend
you ask it a question, it tries to pretend
but whatever it tries
you do not end

you are shining
you are whole
you are complete
you are soul

A soul with a presence
a soul beyond name
a soul holding space
a space that remains

"All I know is my flesh and bones
Don't feel like home. Don't feel like home."

The Fergies

Watch the heart contract

watch the heart open

watch the heart beat

thump, thump, thump

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