Sunday, October 16, 2016


Last month a friend came with me to a doctor visit that would involve some decision making. I appreciated the moral support, but more importantly, I appreciated the second set of ears. When it is your own health it is hard to both take in and retain information. This came in handy again tonight when talking about my upcoming surgery, the guy I’m dating and I had different impressions. I called my friend and said, “I don’t want to influence your response, based on your recollection how do you recall…”

And she confirmed what I’d thought.

I’m glad I brought up the topic because of the misperception between my boyfriend and I. He didn’t do anything wrong so at first I didn’t want to be upset. But later I realized it was fine to be upset, I was upset. I just didn’t want to be upset with him, because it is not ultimately about him, but me.

I picked up some probiotics to start taking soon since I will be on antibiotics. The woman at the store was super friendly and when I told her about my surgery she said something like, “People feel great after that!” Ok, haven’t heard that before but sounds good to me.

On a topic change, I spent much of the day outside with my brother’s family, the guy I’m dating and his kids (the latter three all dressed in plaid flannel shirts which I guess is back in fashion). It was a beautiful warm fall day and it is remarkable how easily and well we all get along together. My brother and my boyfriend went off to explore a gazebo a bit down the Minnesota river from our picnic. I got a bit impatient because we were going somewhere after that and my sister-in-law had a dance performance to go to so I wanted to get going. However, I knew then, and I am reinstating now, what a great “problem” it is to have that your brother and the guy you are dating relaxing together.

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