Saturday, October 8, 2016


#1 - Since it was the last day of the farmer's market today we were all scheduled to be there. Last week the head of the board said that probably wasn't necessary. I emailed her early in the week saying I was happy to be there the whole time but there was also a volunteer event I wanted to do that afternoon so if it worked to leave early that would be great. She said that was fine. I asked to leave at 11:45AM but they ended up asking me about 11, "Weren't you going to leave?" So I did leave at 11:15 and I'm grateful for that because 11:45 would not have been enough time.

#2 - Because of the time crunch, I'm grateful the guy I'm dating was driving to the volunteer event so I had time to eat my lunch in the car.

#3 - "Free Bikes 4 Kidz is a nonprofit organization geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need." Today was the day when they moved all the donated bikes to the warehouse where they get cleaned and repaired. It sounded like an ideal volunteer event to me - something active and tangible. So that is where the sweet man and I spent the afternoon. He said he got a work out too.

#4 - I've been meaning to buy new running shoes for over 6 months. Literally one day I was headed to the store and then I thought, "It's a beautiful day, I'd rather go for a walk around the lake." I can almost always find something I'd rather do than go shopping. Today, because the bikes were being moved into some extra space at the Mall of America, it was convenient to go to a shoe store afterwards and I finally got new shoes. My brother should be happy as he was clearly annoyed by the holes in my old ones yesterday.

#5 - The guy I'm dating listened to the Eckhart Tolle pain body explanation (CD) that I left in his car and said he might listen to it again - in case he missed anything.

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